• A discovery of anxiety

    The concept of anxiety did not exist around me growing up. Yet, anxiety has been my biggest struggle in life and life at school did not make it better. The biggest problem is that not understanding what anxiety was made it even worse. We fear what we do not understand. I frantically trawled the internet…

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  • If a reusable block won’t convert to regular

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  • How I found my strength again through pole dancing!

    When I was 12, I thought I would have been super successful by the time I was 40. Back then, I defined success by the material things you can see and touch. I envisioned myself with a nice power suit with large shoulder pads (please remember I grew up in the 80’s), single, working in…

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  • Enjoying the last dance

    I’ve known my wife’s Mom, Joan, for 40 years and we would take her on trips every Summer. These trips stopped when she moved into Assisted Living due to health issues. Last July my wife and I moved her our of her facility in New York and to our home in Wisconsin. She enjoyed sitting…

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  • The story of Melody the quadrilingual girl

    Melody a charming girl is half Taiwanese half Spanish and French, and is an English speaker. She had been all over the world moving constantly from country to country (Spain, France, Taiwan) each time going to different schools and cultural environments. Her ease in all these languages has made her adaptive in all sorts of…

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  • Cell City

    On the day of January 29th, my sister entered in a card game competition, with the prize of publishing your own game. I was oblivious to this. When I first heard of it, my thought was “why the heck are they talking so loudly?” They mumbled about how the foundation would be, how to incorporate…

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  • Confidencee

    There once was a time where I felt uncertain about how I would do school in this quarantine or, play with my friends. But than I read a story and it said,”Have confidencee yes, with 2 E’s.” I couldn’t believe it than it said,”If you have 2 E’s it’s better than 1.” I really likes…

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  • Girls Can Fight!

    Have you ever worked your whole life for something, been doubted, but kept going to be one of the best? Helen Maroulis worked her whole life to be one of the best women wrestlers in the world. She was a girl, therefore, everybody told her that she couldn’t wrestle because of her gender and to…

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  • The day I got my dog

    When I was 5 years old, my family had been thinking about getting a pet. They thought about a cat, but my mom has allergies and they would scratch up furniture, so no. My dad had been looking at dogs for a while, I found this out because whenever I walked by my dad would…

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