• I wished my parents know more about me, my characteristic, my interest. And wished we interacted with each other like we are friends, and explored the world together.

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  • Of course my parents didn’t tend to our emotional health growing up. They seldom care for their own emotional health! In that generation, most of the men just drink their sorrows away.

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  • I WISH MY PARENTS HAD PAID ATTENTION TO NOTICE THAT I WAS BEEN BODY SHAMED. Or maybe they did, but just didn’t care or didn’t think it was important.

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  • My parents worked alot, never supported my activities. Didn’t do anything to build my confidence, self esteem, so from that I learned the type of parent I wanted to be.

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  • ADHD diagnosis

    I’ve struggled with ADHD my entire life and it definitely affected my mental health growing up. I always felt very different from my peers and “annoying” to my friends and family. This has led to feeling like a burden and constantly apologizing as an adult (among other issues). It’s so easy to think life is…

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  • Am I talking to myself?

    It used to feel like I’m talking up the wall. I try my best as a mom, but my kids will still do whatever they want. Now, thanks to MyCuraJOY, we are starting to enjoy family time again. Thank you, curaJOY!.

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  • Getting old and losing touch

    I consider myself a cool grandma, but kids are so busy these days, and it’s hard to keep track of their interests. I’m grateful to have MyCuraJOY suggesting activities to share as a family. We stay in touch a lot more regularly now.

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  • Never getting anywhere

    My daughter couldn’t stick it out with anything. She’d want to try dance, I buy dance shoes, and gear. Lost interest after a few months. Then she wants to try ice skating, and the cycle just continued. I felt disappointed, and I’m sure she did too, but we were both stuck. MyCuraJOY helped her set…

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  • Emotional repression

    Growing up, any emotion but anger was a sign of weakness. My mom was emotionally open and honest, but my dad was suppressed and closed off. I would only express my emotions when I was alone and I would close myself off to anyone else. Turns out, emotional suppression is actually unhealthy. While my body…

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