curaJOY is a non-profit dedicated to improving families’ emotional wellness.

curaJOY comes from the communities we serve, driven by the challenges we witness in and around our lives. We improve the accessibility, effectiveness, and equity of emotional wellness support for families worldwide through cross-sector collaboration, merging proven social and mental health support with technology and entertainment, thus developing the next generation of successful adults and inclusive communities.

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Meet The Team

Experienced business & tech leaders, subject matter experts, and product teams, driven by our shared challenges.

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Caitlyn Wang

Chief Joymaker, Founder

Caitlyn is a global business leader who has worked and parented in the US and Asia. At Johns Hopkins University, Caitlyn’s work with neurodivergent children gave her unique insights into twice-gifted students and the importance of balancing achievements with emotional wellness. For over 20 years, she has led marketing, product development, and executive management in the audio/video industry with teams in China, Taiwan, and the US to bring products from concept to market for companies like Harman, Acer, and Amazon. Since founding curaJOY, Caitlyn has brought together leaders from academia, healthcare, finance, and tech to tackle the global mental health crisis.

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Caitlin Marcus

Program Director, Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Caitlin is a neurodivergent behavior therapist with 15 years of community-based experience in autism and developmental disabilities, early intervention, caregiver and staff education and training, and preventing and treating severe challenging behaviors. She has worked with hundreds of families in the Los Angeles metropolitan area, focusing on areas with low economic resources and large immigrant populations.

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Dr. Anthony Pajot

Executive Board Member,

Anthony is a bi-racial entrepreneurial, passionate, and highly results-oriented leader who leads Sanofi’s Vaccines R&D as Global Project Head, Research Portfolio & Strategy. With over 22 years of experience, he has held various commercial & scientific leadership roles in big pharmaceutical companies (Sanofi, E.Lilly) & research institutions worldwide, and a strong track record of success in the healthcare industry.  Anthony is driven by a strong sense of purpose, and challenges the status quo to drive innovation and achieve stretched goals.  He has a passion for diving with sharks in various spots in the world.

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Rafay Shaw

User Experience and Interaction Designer

Rafay graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science and grew into a user experience and interaction designer who combines human interaction with visual aesthetics and bridges creatives with engineers. As an avid gamer, he aims to create exceptional digital experiences, bringing a whole new fun side of behavioral health that is yet unseen. Under Caitlyn’s mentorship, Rafay collaborates with volunteer designers graduating from Rhode Island of Design, Carnegie Mellon, and the likes worldwide.

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Dr. Joanne Tsu

Scientific Contributor, Chinese Content

Dr. Tsu is a licensed clinical psychologist from Taiwan, a mother, researcher, and adjunct professor whose interest in child cognitive development early in college, and received multiple grants from the Ministry of Science and Technology in Taiwan to further research in the field. Her research and expertise include psychological assessment, psychotherapy, brainwaves, hypnosis, and neuropsychology.

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Daniel Vaughn

Technical Contributor

is the Director of Corporate IT at BlockFi with a decade of experience in organizations ranging from startups to Fortune 500. Before BlockFi, Daniel led an End User Computing organization at the New York Stock Exchange’s parent company Intercontinental Exchange, where he built and scaled global teams responsible for various user-facing technologies. Daniel is passionate about leveraging technology to enable the success of people and businesses. He is revamping curaJOY’s internal tech and mentoring our Minijoy Ambassadors.

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We are you!

 We help families raise emotionally healthy kids through inclusive digital programs that promote personal growth and healthy relationships. Our proactive social and mental health approach involves the whole family and builds upon strengths. 

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curaJOY partners with clinicians, educators, parents, and kids–worldwide to develop scalable, inclusive programs that provide unlimited, evidence-based behavioral health support. We believe in behavioral healthcare’s value and champion both clinicians and families.  curaJOY seeks immediate improvements while advocating for healthcare reforms and other macro changes like increased behavioral health funding and livable wages for providers.

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Families’ emotional wellness is interconnected. Solutions that only target children are limited in their outcomes. curaJOY engages the whole family, integrating seamlessly into their lifestyle and the existing workflows of clinicians and schools. We engage youth in our product development and testing–with an emphasis on making programs FUN so they stick 🙂 We reframe the benefits of social-emotional learning to ensure all families can benefit regardless of language, race, or income.

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Building social and emotional wellness is an effective preventative measure for crime, unemployment, depression, substance abuse, and other problems. We combat disparities in healthcare and education by addressing low social determinants of health and creating opportunities to practice the skills we teach, such as impulse control, problem-solving, friendship-building, decision-making, and resilience.

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