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to make social and emotional wellness support accessible, effective and equitable for EVERYONE. We work to use cutting-edge technology responsibly to benefit families and the entire healthcare system.

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Creating Change That Ripples Around The World

Our story began when our founder realized the dire need for accessible and practical social and emotional health support for families. With the help of leading behavioral health professionals, we are developing MyCuraJOY, a kid-centric, integrated hub that equips families with all the tools they need to thrive.

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How much difference can you make?

Fund effective and efficient emotional wellness support for EVERYONE
  • Children with parents who don’t recognize the need for behavioral interventions or behavioral healthcare
  • BIPOC, multicultural families
  • Families with special needs children, including autism, dyslexia, ADHD and other developmental delays
  • Families with incarcerated caregivers, single parents or caregivers with long-term disabilities, substance abuse or mental illnesses

Our work depends on you!

curaJOY engages licensed behavior analysts, psychologists, counselors, social workers and top tech talents to ensure that our solutions are effective, easy to use, and engaging for families.

Create Community-driven Solutions

Pay clinicians and educators a fair, livable wage to develop curaJOY’s inclusive digital wellness solutions.

Root-Cause Approach To Systemic Problems

Provide more effective, efficient and engaging services

Make Equity That Empowers

Repairs disparities in current social and mental healthcare systems, and tackle low social determinants of health.

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When you donate, no matter the size, your contribution directly supports the design and development of our engaging healthcare technology.