Thank you

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We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. This donation greatly helps the team working on MyCuraJOY–psychologists, software developers, behavior analysts, researchers and designers who have made significant financial sacrifices to make curaJOY’s solution free for all youth and affordable for the rest of the population. 

You are helping to:

●    Give youth with learning differences or in emotional distress a private and safe way to get professional even when their parents are too busy or against mental healthcare.

●     Make evidence-based emotional wellness supports (like Somatic Psychotherapy, Applied Behavior Analysis, and Cognitive Behavior Therapy) available 24/7, flexibly online, via SMS, popular social media, and messaging platforms, in multiple languages, with inclusive content.

●     Engages the whole family to identify and correct faulty interaction dynamics, learn and master self-care, social-emotional skills.

If you would like to contribute further, contact us to become a volunteer or talk to your friends about our mission!

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Caitlyn Wang, Caitlin Marcus and the rest of the Joymakers