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Whole Student Support

curaJOY helps school provide inclusive and personalized social-emotional wellness-building programs for better educational outcomes and higher student, parent and educator satisfaction.

Building Social Emotional Skills

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Happier Students

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Better Classrooms

Reduced Costs curaJOY

Reduced Costs

Learning Readiness Starts at Home

With changing budgets, layoffs, and health precautions; teachers only have so much time to listen to the ever-growing student body. MyCuraJOY helps people easily establish a home-school connection that is growth, goal-oriented, and strength-based.

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Environment at Home

Student’s home environment is a “home base” or “safety spot” for many children, as well as the place where their first life lessons are learned. Parents need consistent guidance and support to be able to learn how to do this and how to positively cope with the stress of parenting.

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Reduce the Burdens of Staffing

Direct Support Professionals (psychologists, SLP, OT, counselors, assessors, SPED staff) are in critically short supply. Hiring to meet the needs of a diverse student body is challenging and time-consuming. Don’t let manpower constraints compromise your students’ educational outcomes.

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Helping Your Staff Help Students

More students receive special ed services since the pandemic. Schools everywhere are trying their best to meet the Increased workloads due to student regression during COVID while staff and teachers deal with their own stress and health issues from the ongoing pandemic. MyCuraJOY assists with assessments, ESSA data collection, FBA, and behavior intervention plans with direct input from parents and children.​

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Inclusive Support for Your Diverse Student Body

BIPOC children are overrepresented in special education and are often placed inappropriately in more restrictive environments. MyCuraJOY provides comprehensive, proactive, culturally sensitive, multilingual, personalized chat-based virtual assistance for children and families to build social-emotional wellness skills at home.

The curaJOY Difference

Fast Accessible Support

MyCuraJOY guides and prompts parents to enter ABC behavior data quickly at regular, frequent intervals. All data can be pushed to clinicians and educators to support other therapies. 

Diverse & multilingual therapists

MyCuraJOY is designed with diversity, equity and inclusion in mind. Our certified professionals provide content specific to immigrant, multicultural, non-traditional, and minority families.

Data-driven methods

Our programs have undergone extensive efficacy studies and have been funded by the Department of Education and National Science Foundation, and include personalized care, continuous evaluation, and professional assessment.

“In the last decade or so, science has discovered a tremendous amount about the role emotions play in our lives. 

Researchers have found that even more than IQ, our emotional awareness and abilities to handle feelings will determine our success and happiness in all walks of life, including family relationships.”

John Gottman
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Investment That Pays For Itself and More

Social-emotional learning (SEL) programs like MyCuraJOY are critical to helping students remain enrolled in school, reducing rates of anxiety and depression, and eliminating behavioral issues in the classroom.