Our Approach

How we feel about ourselves, interact with others, and overcome obstacles in life makes an enormous difference in our ability to be happy and succeed. We refer to this as social and emotional wellness, and 80% of educators believe it is crucial for academic success. Families with school-age children struggle to maintain social and emotional health, and our already-strained behavioral healthcare and education systems cannot adequately support children and their parents.


We unite know-how’s from licensed professionals in the fields of psychology, behavior analysis and education, and then uses human-supervised AI/Machine Learning to deliver personalized help when families need them.

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Kid-centric, Relationship–Focused

Families’ emotional wellness is interconnected, but not all families have the resources to develop children’s social-emotional skills. Most current solutions work only with students or parents in silo, missing the chance to heal toxic interaction patterns and prevent Adverse Childhood Events.​

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Everyone Deserves to Belong

Providers’ experience, age, gender and ethnicity impact people’s treatment outcomes.  Using 3D avatars, we pair users with virtual mentors who match their demographic traits to boost rapport and feelings of safety quickly. curaJOY’s availability in multiple languages with diverse experts and inclusive content enables all families to connect, feel and function well, regardless of language, race, or income.

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24/7 Support for Real Improvements

Weekly therapy sessions can’t create transformations. curaJOY facilitates offline social interactions and the amount of real-life practice necessary for mastering skills like impulse control, problem-solving, making friends, and bouncing back from hardships.  Whether you’re looking to build skills, improve mood, or gain productivity, our continuous practice and reinforcements model brings lasting improvements.

Advancing the Accessibility, Effectiveness and Equity of Social and Behavioral Health Support

There is a critical shortage of behavioral and mental health professionals worldwide.  The pipeline to better service reimbursement and more licensed professions is longer than families–and our society–can afford. curaJOY uses technology for good to create a safety net for families worldwide with our digital behavioral program, Quest Depot.

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Effective programs are practical and co-designed with the communities it serves.  People should have a voice in creating solutions that help their own communities.

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Poor emotional wellness is at the root of most societal ills.  Effective and proactive behavioral health support safeguards our society and future generations.

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Every child, every parent, and every family is different and has unique needs.  There is no single expert, approach, or cookie-cutter miracle program works for everyone.

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Technology should and can be used for good and the benefit of families’ emotional wellness–to fill in what humans cannot do.


Grow as a Family

Social-emotional skills are better developed at an early age and as a family. Family-based behavior interventions also work better and are longer lasting.