Emotional Wellness

How we feel about ourselves, interact with others, and overcome obstacles in life makes an enormous difference in our ability to be happy and succeed. We refer to this as social and emotional wellness, and 80% of educators believe that it is crucial for academic success. It also makes up the soft skills (good communication, problem-solving, time management, stress management, teamwork, etc.) which Fortune 500 executives unanimously singled out as equal to or more important than technical skills. 

What are families’ biggest challenges with emotional wellness?

More than 970 million people worldwide are in some kind of emotional distress. Stress and anxiety don’t discriminate. It can happen to people of any age, income, race or gender.

How are you doing?

The emotional wellness of families worldwide has suffered since the pandemic.

Check out more research on emotional wellness HERE.


The ability to always get back up.

How we overcome obstacles and achieve them is fundamental to people’s self-esteem, especially in children who are still developing their identities. curaJOY guides families in goal-setting, problem-solving, and progress tracking and reinforce life skills that empower families to create positive, firm foundations.

Individual emotional wellness grows when our mood is supported by a healthy environment and maintained with healthy behaviors (coping skills). Families’ wellness is interconnected too: if even one factor is out of balance for any family member, the rest of the family will be impacted until these three factors are in harmony again.




curaJOY Helps Families Find Balance

Self-discipline, delayed gratification, and impulse control are some of the terms often used interchangeably, and all crucial to long-term success. When children aren’t receiving adequate help to develop effective social-emotional skills, they struggle with making and keeping friends, handling peer pressure, voicing their opinions in class, and expressing their feelings. They’ll also have difficulty picking up cues from other people, which can lead to bullying, isolation, and a feeling of resentment.

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Transformational Journey

curaJOY helps children and their families acquire the knowledge and tools they need to establish a healthy self-image, bounce back from setbacks, collaborate with peers, think before they act, and regulate their emotions, actions and thoughts in different situations, allowing them to be more socially aware and establish positive relationships through personalized behavioral health support created by our multidisciplinary team of licensed psychologists and behavior therapists. Our goal is to help children succeed in their personal, professional, and social life wherever they go in the world.

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