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Millions of vulnerable children and families fight for emotional and behavioral health support. MyCuraJOY connects them to caring professionals. Donate and help build brighter futures.
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What if everyone in the world had someone who was there for them?

Many parents have to move their children across the globe to get them the help they need, even with an existing diagnosis.

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Your donations fund immediate and efficient emotional wellness support for EVERYONE, including:

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Children with parents who don’t recognize the need for behavioral interventions or behavioral healthcare

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BIPOC, multicultural and non-English-speaking families

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Families with special needs children, including autism, dyslexia, ADHD and other developmental delays

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Families with incarcerated caregivers, single parents or caregivers with long-term disabilities

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$10 is the minimum online donation. All donations are tax deductible


Control what you can.
Rise above the things you can’t.

100% of your donations go to paying licensed behavior analysts, psychologists, counselors, social workers a fair and livable wage to make practical solutions are effective, easy to use, and engaging for families.

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Getting to know the Real You
Dive deep into who you are and intervene with problems before they get big! MyCuraJOY uses validated
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Strengthening Family Bonds
MyCuraJOY family wellness hub is for the whole family, not just kids! Our platform encourages family
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Strengthening Family Bonds
Developed and supervised by researchers and clinicians from Johns Hopkins, University of Southern California

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When you donate, no matter the size, your contribution directly supports the design and development of our engaging healthcare technology.

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