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Families’ wellness is interconnected, and being well goes beyond physical health. curaJOY provides effective and continuous wellness support for diverse families, combining behavioral healthcare, education and AI to foster growth and genuine relationships.

evidence-based behavioral health support

Solid Science

Digitizes existing clinical protocols from 5+ evidence-based proven treatments including Somatic Psychotherapy and Applied Behavior Analysis

wellness is a whole family thing

Whole Family

We not only develop social emotional skill but guide you through enough real-life practice for lasting change, healthier relationships and family environments.

data privacy for families

Ultimate Control

Own your data, and connect with various service providers and educators, while keeping all educational and behavioral health data in one place.

gamified social skills training

Have Fun

Doing good doesn’t have to be boring! Nothing works if you can’t stick to it. We use 3D animation and social and real-world rewards to engage and retain


Affordable and On-Demand Behavioral Health Support

curaJOY provides gamified, inclusive, and on-demand behavioral health platforms using emerging technologies like AI with clinician supervision to reinforce positive habits in kids and families. Traditional therapy can cost up to $200/hour, and immediate, on-demand care is scarce.

saves time for behavioral healthcare providers


👍 Save time and money. Easily ensure compliance.

Grow your capacity with automation.

social emotional learning solutions for schools


Deliver IEP and Social Emotional Learning without overworking teachers.

Culturally-inclusive services for diverse student bodies.


Skip the wait lists and treatments that don’t work

On-demand, no scheduling

BIPOC families


Can’t find ABA or trauma-informed care in your country?

Get the best whole-person wellness support from the US.

Think more positively

Boost self-esteem

Decrease anxiety and stress

Live better

Better relationships

Excel academically

Lessen harmful behaviors

Improve social skills

We improve family emotional wellness globally through integrating latest advancements from tech, behavioral healthcare, education and gaming. This is a purpose too important to be for-profit.




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Save 50% $299


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$399/one time

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Changing lives and building the first-of-its-kind root-cause solution with support from our generous donors

  • Get Me Some True Love

    Get Me Some True Love

    In fairytales, a true love’s kiss conquers all evils and vanquishes all illnesses, but true love isn’t always pleasant in real life. Love means allowing your kids to fail; setting boundaries so there would be long-term safety.  It involves making difficult decisions and sticking by your loved ones even when they’re no longer so lovely.…

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  • How It Could Have Been Prevented

    How It Could Have Been Prevented

    Hear the saddening childhood of an autistic boy and how it could have been prevented. “If my grandparents had taught him how to feel, he wouldn’t be so cruel.”

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  • Our Neutral Stance

    Our Neutral Stance

    Neutral and Diverse: Unbiased Emotional Wellness At curaJOY, we aspire to reduce the suffering of as many people as possible. Our digital social-emotional learning and behavioral health support programs are designed to broadly apply to all humans, regardless of their identity. Our outreach is centered on addressing the unique stigmas carried by diverse groups which…

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