curaJOY Organizes Global Emotional Wellness Directory For Underserved Communities

curaJOY launches a free emotional wellness directory that gives marginalized communities access to global mental health providers and evidence-based methods.

Nonprofit developer of the family emotional wellness platform MyCuraJOY, curaJOY, is launching its global emotional wellness directory, ensuring that Asian Pacific Islander, multicultural, cross-cultural, and third-world adults and children have access to inclusive and effective health care that caters to their specific needs.

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curaJOY’s newly launched directory aligns with the company’s vision to drive greater advocacy, acceptance, and innovation of emotional wellness programs for families across different cultures. The nonprofit investigates barriers to care for families with children and adolescents in emotional distress. The most frequently reported obstacles include limited financial resources, time constraints, cultural stigma, language barriers, lack of family support, and insufficient parental awareness of mental health and developmental issues.

According to the latest research, Asian Pacific Islander adults are least likely to seek mental health treatment – with only 4.9 percent using mental health services annually. Other studies found that API individuals often lack family support due to the prevalent stigma around mental health. This crisis is compounded by insufficient resources and specialists who can provide race-informed care. To address this pressing need, curaJOY aims to improve access to specialist mental health care for Asian Pacific Islander individuals and other minorities through its new directory.

Advocating for better access to emotional wellness for families of all cultures, curaJOY features a wide range of vetted service providers who have extensive experience working with people from Asian, Pacific Islander, third-culture, cross-culture, and multicultural populations – as well as immigrants in general.

All providers on the new platform offer evidence-based treatments and must undergo a vetting process. The directory does not allow advertised content or paid listing. Founder Caitlyn Wang, who has struggled to find appropriate schooling and adequate behavioral support for her autistic child from Asia to the US, hopes curaJOY’s Global Emotional Wellness Directory will ease the burdens of other parents on similar journeys.

Along with increasing access to emotional wellbeing tools for all populations, curaJOY collaborates with psychologists and educators worldwide to create digital emotional wellness solutions as supplementary support for families to identify the therapeutic method that works best for each individual without costly and time-consuming trial and error. The new directory and curaJOY’s emotional wellness platform aim to provide preventative approaches to mental health and reduce inequity and service costs.

About curaJOY

A 501(c)3 non-profit, curaJOY provides a personalized solution for families around the world to raise children who can thrive in their social and emotional lives. The company promotes personal growth and authentic social connections through innovative, evidence-based digital solutions. curaJOY’s transformative emotional wellness programs are tailored to children and available in English, Spanish, and Chinese.

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