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What Is Resilience?

Resilience, the ability to adapt, tolerate stress, and bounce from failure and adversity, is an invaluable inner strength and a crucial determinant of ultimate success. The strength of resilience can transform inevitable life struggles into opportunities for growth. Even though this strength can be honed throughout adulthood, intentionally cultivating resilience from a young age elevates children’s moods, and protects them from adversity by increasing their stress tolerance and reframing how they view obstacles.

Emotion regulation, the ability to identify feelings and manage them appropriately, is the first step in building resilience. Switching schools and having difficulty making friends can affect some children so much that it rocks their whole family’s lives. Without proper instruction, young children cannot determine whether a situation calls for a big or small emotion. curaJOY’s evidence-based training programs instruct your child on the life skills and emotional intelligence needed to succeed beyond the classroom.

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