The day I got my dog

When I was 5 years old, my family had been thinking about getting a pet. They thought about a cat, but my mom has allergies and they would scratch up furniture, so no. My dad had been looking at dogs for a while, I found this out because whenever I walked by my dad would be on a dog website. Then during my first summer break, my parents told me we were getting a dog. I wasn’t too surprised due to the fact of how much they talked about dogs, but I was happy nonetheless. So we hopped in the car and drove to a place called Ari’s. I couldn’t contain my excitement, I thought of how I could play with he/she and pet he/she. When we arrived, I heard multiple dogs barking. Then stepped out the man himself, Ari. My dad asked to go to the bulldog section. My mom and I stayed with the other dogs until my dad asked me to come over, so we did. My dad picked up a very excited Old English Bulldog and my god was he cute. He didn’t have a name, my parents asked me to name him. I thought about it, and said rubble. The reason I picked this name was because the name was from a bulldog from the show, Paw Patrol. Ari said that that was a great name. He said rubble was born on July third, I was born on July 11. That’s how I met my dog.

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  1. Colin Michael witkowski Avatar
    Colin Michael witkowski

    hello this is a story about getting my dog. I hope you enjoy!

  2. Colin Michael Witkowski Avatar
    Colin Michael Witkowski

    Also, this shows a time when I got my dog and he got me through rough times and other things

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