Who are you, really? Discovering Your Authentic Self-Image

Your self-image is the way you view yourself, and by which you interact with the world.  You might view yourself as a parent, student, friend, high-achiever, slow learner. But you’re more than your grades, weight, gender, and age. You’re more than your parents’ opinion. You’re a unique person with nuances that are unique to you! When who you are aligns with what you do, you feel free and able to become the best version of you. But many of us view ourselves as one way and live another, and it’s understandable.  Human being are social creatures.  We want to wear the “cool” sneakers, have the latest hot gadgets. We want the acceptance and recognition of others.  Tweens and teens, especially, are more prone to peer pressure and herd mentality. This Wall Street Journal article exams the reasons.   Act like you matter because you do.    Authentic people act honestly and congruently... Read more

Junk Food for Your Soul

My daughter painted this the summer she finished fourth grade. While she is a very gifted artist, she didn't paint this on her own--she had way too much help with this piece at a department store art studio in Taiwan where art teachers help children replicate master pieces. Our social media post this week talked about affording kids the opportunity to fail, and how making everything convenient and easy for our kids is fast (junk) food for their character development. Perhaps you're thinking, "Why be such a killjoy? You should just let your daughter enjoy the satisfaction of having painted such a beautiful piece of work." And I do. We hang this piece up in a non-prominent spot in our home. More front and center on our walls are her imperfect artwork--pieces she created entirely on her own, pieces that look like they were painted by a kid. It doesn't... Read more

Don’t go for quick fixes

True progress is hard and it takes time. In our society, it' much easier and profitable to sell a false promise and easy way out. Lose 30 pounds in 30 days anyone? It certainly sounds more appealing than eat healthy, move your body, build muscles, etc. I'm going to put my daughter on the spot (again) because her story is so relatable. She got into playing an online horse game a couple years ago, so naturally, I decided to help realize her dream. Yes, she did ask for a pony, and no, I didn't get her a pony. I started taking her horseback riding and grooming. After our first full-fledge ride, I expected overwhelming excitement and gratitude from my little horse lover, but instead she told me "real horses stink and I can jump and gallop so much faster in my game." She was disappointed, and as was I. Her... Read more

The Constant of Change

"The grass is not greener on the other side. It's greener where you water it." I really like this quote.  It’s human nature to complain, and not appreciate things until we lose them.  When we complain, we are not living in the moment.  Whatever situation you’re in, know what you have and make the most out of it. (Because you never know, things could get worse 😉No.  Seriously, complaining just ends up dooming yourself and making you feel bad.  Why would you to suffer even more?) When I was in the corporate world, I complained frequently about inefficiencies, ineptitudes, and bureaucracy.  I intentionally founded curaJOY to be a mostly self-funded venture so that I can easily shape our reality, to change the male dominated workplace, prove that women can be mothers can successful professionals, fair and merit based incentive system rather than seniority and connections.  It didn’t take months before... Read more

Don’t just talk a big game. Make it happen.

Imagine it was 1848, and you found the biggest gold mine, and told everyone about it. You were right—the motherload of gold was there, but you never carry through and took any action. Instead of living the rest of your life covered in gold, you watched people who heard about your discovery do the hard work and carry off with the gold. Good ideas pave the grounds of startup cemetery and failed new year resolutions. Dreams and ideas are wonderful, but they have no value and can sometimes seem to be only figments of our imagination if we don’t take action. The real magic is in making them happen. [wpdiscuz-feedback id="xxdyw5vf56" question="Do you have your own tips for making habits stick?" opened="0"]But is there really magic? [/wpdiscuz-feedback] Successful implementation makes dreams come true, it isn’t very complicated (not to say that it’s not hard). Over the next few weeks, I’ll... Read more

Goal Setting Tools

Creating and setting goals is great, but actually achieving them can be much harder.  Using the proven goal setting exercises discussed in this article can help you not only in setting an achievable goal, but also in the individual steps and processes needed to achieve it. The way we spend our lives, those seemingly small daily decisions, actions, patterns, determines our success, happiness or lack thereof.  Having knowledge of goal setting is one thing, it's another thing to put them into action and stick to them. Goal setting tools are a great way to help you set goals, track progress, and focus on what you're trying to achieve. Regular meetings / reviews with your manager, coach, parent or teacherJoin groups and meet people trying to achieve the same goals (such as sports teams, weight loss,  / classes).Using goal setting software to keep you up to date (Quest Depot and GoalScape are... Read more

How much do questers get paid?

Below is a chart of exactly how treasure chests are rewarded at the end of a quest.  Quest Depot’s payout rate is designed specifically to maximize motivation and facilitate behavior change.  It’s also important to note that Quest Depot doesn’t require 100% success for full treasure chest award qualification.  Perfectionism impedes long-term personal growth, and we value progress and effort towards the right direction in order to maximize our adventurer’s life potential. 94 - 100% = full payment + onsite digital rewards 87-93% success rate = 90% awarded to quester + 7% credit back to the funding ally 76-86% success rate = 80% awarded to quester + 17% credit back to the funding ally  65-75% success rate = 70% awarded to quester + 27% credit back to the funding ally  55-64% success rate = 35% awarded to quester + 62% credit back to the funding ally 54% and below = 0% awarded... Read more

I think my child struggles with reading. What should I do?

I think my child struggles with reading. What should I do?

Share this article As students start returning to school, many will face the Herculean task of becoming proficient readers. Some will be first graders, some fourth graders, and so on. And many of them, as their parents and guardians suspect, will face enormous struggles. If you're one of these parents or guardians who suspect that your child will struggle with reading, now is the time for action.Action alone, however, will not be enough. It's critical that you know what to request and what to avoid. This article focuses on one aspect of what's critical: Getting a comprehensive reading evaluation. Do three things If you see your child struggling with reading, stay calm and do three things : > Learn all you can about reading difficulties and disabilities from trustworthy sources. Keep in mind that difficulties are less severe and less debilitating than disabilities. Learn about Response to Intervention (RTI). Make... Read more

Twenty-six studies point to more play for young children

Twenty-six studies point to more play for young children

What if one of the answers to reducing inequality and addressing mental health concerns among young children is as simple as providing more opportunities to play? A growing body of research and several experts are making the case for play to boost the well-being of young children as the pandemic drags on—even as concerns over lost learning time and the pressure to catch kids up grow stronger.Play is so powerful, according to a recent report by the LEGO Foundation , that it can be used as a possible intervention to close achievement gaps between children ages 3 to 6. The report looked at 26 studies of play from 18 countries. It found that in disadvantaged communities, including those in Bangladesh, Rwanda and Ethiopia, children showed significantly greater learning gains in literacy, motor and social-emotional development when attending child care centers that used a mix of instruction and free and guided... Read more

Fighting the Stigma: Mental Health among Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders

Fighting the Stigma: Mental Health among Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders

Although the US has made progress in raising awareness of mental health and normalizing conversations about the topic, a great deal of stigma remains around mental illness and poor mental health, and many still face barriers to accessing services and supports.Among Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities, these issues are often shrouded by silence and shame, allowing misconceptions and minimization of mental health concerns to thrive.But AAPIs are not a monolith . Our understanding of their mental health needs—and how we respond—should reflect the diversity of experiences within the AAPI community . Here’s what you should know about this important topic and underserved population this Mental Health Awareness Month and Asian Pacific American Heritage Month . AAPIs are the least likely of any racial or ethnic group to report mental health issues and to seek mental health services According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, AAPI... Read more

“As Long as They Let Us Stay in Class”

“As Long as They Let Us Stay in Class”

Barriers to Education for Persons with Disabilities in China The mother of Chen Yufei tried hard to find a school for her son, a nine-year-old boy with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and an intellectual disability. When Chen was 7 she brought him to a nearby school, but the principal would not let him enroll because he would “affect other children.” Reluctant, Chen’s mother turned to special education schools, but she could not find one: the district in which they live did not have one. Eventually she got Chen accepted in a special education school in another district — after two years and a hefty bribe. She still bitterly resents this experience, as she believes her son would make much better progress if he were in a mainstream school.Across China, children and young people with disabilities confront discrimination in schools. This report documents how mainstream schools deny many such children admission, ask... Read more

Social Emotional Learning Programs Help Schools Recover From COVID Learning Loss

Looking to develop emotional intelligence in your students? Contact curaJOY today to get the social development program your school needs! curaJOY, a nonprofit organization dedicated to building children’s emotional fitness, has released a series of programs aimed at building social intelligence, especially in Asian and 3rd culture kids. Go to https://www.curajoy.org/schools to learn more. This latest announcement will help your school provide critical emotional and social education for your students, enabling children to develop the emotional intelligence and cultural fluidity to thrive academically. Research shows that social intelligence is an important factor in academic success. A recent study showed an 11% increase in the academic progress in students that received social emotional education. These students also demonstrated improved classroom behavior, the ability to manage stress and sustain positive attitudes about themselves, school and their peers. curaJOY responds to these trends by releasing a series of programs that turn psychoeducational assessment... Read more

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