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Your students come to you with vastly different experiences within their homes and communities. Their social-emotional competency and environments will determine the course of their lives:

  • their academic performance and test scores,
  • whether they enter and/or remain in special education,
  • graduate from high school,
  • apply to and attend college,
  • how much money they will make,
  • whether they will develop mental health and substance abuse disorders,
  • and whether they will stay out of gangs and/or the justice system.

Investment in your students’ resilience and emotional wellness is an investment in your school, school district, and community.

Why promote social-emotional learning inside and outside the classroom?

  • Participation in SEL programs raises standardized test scores by 11 percentile points – which is critical to funding.
  • Kids with robust social-emotional skills are significantly more likely to remain enrolled in school, keeping your student base strong.
  • SEL programs reduce rates of student mental health complications like anxiety and depression by 10%, reducing the risk of high-cost retaliatory action.
  • Fewer and less severe disciplinary actions

Barriers Schools are Facing

  • Budgetary constraints
  • Staff/provider shortages across the board
  • Lack of home-school connection
  • Increased workloads due to student regression during COVID
  • More students receiving special ed services since the pandemic
  • Staff stress, health issues from the ongoing pandemic
  • Cost of providing services increasing

curaJOY’s programs turn psychoeducational assessment, behavioral interventions, and social-emotional education into gamified and interactive digital experiences that help children acquire and develop the critical inner strength and sociocultural fluidity necessary to thrive — in school, throughout life, and around the world. We work not only with children, but parents and all family members to create the optimal at-home environments needed for your hard work, and student performance, to shine.

Originally funded by the US Dept of Education and National Science Foundation, curaJOY programs are proven effective for evaluating and improving children’s behaviors and emotional intelligence. No other program has undergone extensive efficacy studies like ours. We proactively and reliably identify areas where children need additional development and apply a personalized and effective curriculum paired with continuous evaluation as well as professional assessment reports.

socialemotionallearning 1
parent satisfaction 1

Happier Parents and Students

  • Combats common parent concerns about peer pressure, bullying, etc.
  • Stand out from other schools with a whole-child approach and social-emotional learning
  • Gamified program = high student buy-in and quick program rollout
  • Early detection of possible learning disabilities and other psychoeducational issues
  • Decreased need for counseling hours and support services
classroom management 1

Better Classroom Management

  • Reduced behavior incidents and student crisis
  • Easily compile student progress, and assessment results to share with parents
  • Consistent behavior plan implementation (replacing instructional aide, speech therapist, behavior therapist)
  • Save time on IEP, progress reports, and Functional Behavior Assessments with valuable observational data from Quest Depot and personalized reports
  • Quick and easy program adoption for both students, teachers, and administrators
Reduced cost 1

Reduced Educational Service Cost

  • Serve students with learning differences (gifted and talented, ADHD, Asperger’s, Autism)
  • Valuable professional assessment data and reports included
  • Economical solution for schools without (or with insufficient) full-time school psychologists, behavior therapists, speech therapists, counselors, instructional aides
  • Decrease the need for counseling hours and support services

Quest Depot

Quest Depot is a personalized emotional wellness-building program that helps people as young as elementary school to set goals, track progress, improve relationships, think positively, and live out their dreams via conversations.

Ages: 7-95
Languages: English, Spanish, Mandarin

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