Quest Depot

A solid foundation to thrive as a family

Quest Depot is a comprehensive behavioral health program that gamifies wellness with behavioral goals supported by personalized social-emotional education. Chat with your choice of diverse-looking virtual mentors who are always at the ready: never tired, overworked, biased, or too far away to help.

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What is Quest Depot?

Everyone deserves someone who’s always on their side, understands, and remembers what they say.  Quest Depot provides guidance and activities from licensed professionals whenever you need them.  No appointment necessary!

We work with all members of the family to identify the root causes of behaviors, improve problematic interaction patterns and work towards achieving healthy family dynamics for secure, lasting connections.

Why Quest Depot?

Social and emotional skills like resilience and interpersonal communication are the biggest predictor of one’s life success, and impact every area of our lives from physical health, academic performance to career success.  Social emotional wellness can be more easily and effectively built from a young age and as a family.



Undivided attention & personalized conversations 24/7 with virtual mentors looking out for you via our app, social media or text.  Develop emotional intelligence, and receive timely guidance and support for habit change, parenting and much more.

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  • Recommend proven strategies to change behaviors for the better
  • Help parents see the root causes of behaviors by logging children’s challenging behavior 
  • Compile day-to-day data to improve the effectiveness of other therapy 
  • Understand and remember what you say
  • Give context-relevant guidance and activities
  • Multilingual content created by senior licensed psychologists and behavior therapists
  • 3D avatars matching diverse ethnicities



Build a firm foundation for self-esteem.  We gamify personal growth and behavioral goals with guidance for age/ability-appropriate targets, easy progress tracking, assessment results and personalized recommendations.

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Performance-based reward system for family and friends to sponsor and completes the clinically-supervised behavior modification loop in a positive and consistent way. 

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Give Your Kids The Best Start In Life.

One-stop, AI-powered learning program that promotes personal growth and emotional intelligence for all family members.

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