When my family goes to Disneyland, sometimes we also go to Disney’s California Adventure. And for years, my dad always asked me, “hey Reese, want to try the tower of terror?” And I always said “no” or “I feel kinda sick” even though I was just scared. Eventually, the Tower of Terror got shut down and I felt so sad because the next time we went I was going to do it. But then, a new ride rose from the ashes of the Tower of Terror… the new Guardians of the Galaxy ride. Fortunately, it was exactly the same ride type, but with a different theme. And I wanted to do it more than anything. So we went over to it. Of course, like all new Disneyland rides, the wait for it was an hour-long. My dad and I hopped in line before it got worse. During that hour’s wait, I had a bunch of time to think about this decision. I have a tendency to overthink things if I have too much time to think. So as we got closer, I got more scared and the number of butterflies in my stomach multiplied. I thought that I was going to faint because of all the thoughts that clouded my mind. Luckily my dad was there and made me feel safer and reassure me. But he also understood if I was too scared, so he gave me an option. Either we keep on going or we exit the line now. I didn’t want to let him down or myself down. I gathered myself up and shooed the butterflies away. I was going to do this. We were about to go into our seats when the butterflies returned. The ride started and dropped us down. We were falling (but it was part of the ride). I’m pretty sure that got rid of the butterflies. And I forgot about everything except for this fun time I was having with my dad. The last part of the ride brought us to the very top of the tower, showed us a great view of Disneyland, and dropped us all the way down. Even to this day, I am so proud of how I took that and I can remember it as though it was yesterday. At that time, I shined very brightly, and that light will never disappear from my memories.

My parents only cared about my grades. I think they may have been depressed while I was growing up. Definitely, no one practiced self-help techniques or knew about them in my family.

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I am glad that I got help. Behavior therapy was like having a second teacher that goes to your house, only they don’t teach math. They teach you coping skills. Coping skills are methods used to calm yourself down in stressful situations. I learned coping skills very easily, as coping skills are just stuff like drawing and taking a walk. But the problem was that I had trouble responding to situations in an appropriate way. My aid would ask me scenarios about what I would do in certain situations. A scenario would be like “You didn’t get a good grade

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I have always been very anxious. I don’t know where it started, but from a young age, I wanted to control/make sure that everything in my life would be alright. This has caused me to have anxiety attacks where my heart rate can go up to 170 bpm. During that time period, I am virtually incapable of doing anything. I have an urge to do something, to distract myself, usually through work. It’s very discouraging for me because I know what I’m going through but I don’t know how to make myself feel better (partly because I lost my self-help

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