Mandarin/English Social Emotional Education Program For Schools Launched

curaJOY, a nonprofit organization dedicated to building children’s emotional fitness, has released a series of programs aimed at building social emotional skills, available in English and Chinese.

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This latest announcement will help schools provide critical emotional and social education for their students, enabling children to develop the emotional intelligence and cultural fluidity to thrive academically.

Research shows that social intelligence is an important factor in academic success. A recent study showed an 11% increase in the academic progress in students that received social emotional education. These students also demonstrated improved classroom behavior, the ability to manage stress and sustain positive attitudes about themselves, school and their peers.

curaJOY responds to these trends by releasing a series of programs that turn psychoeducational assessment and social emotional education into gamified, interactive online experiences. These programs enable children to develop inner strengths such as communication, discipline, cooperation, empathy, confidence and resilience.

curaJOY works with schools to proactively and reliably identify areas where children need additional development and apply a personalized curriculum based on the unique needs of each student. Moreover, the organization’s StrengthBuilder programs include continuous evaluation and valuable professional assessment reports and data detailing the student’s progress.

The organization’s programs provide schools without an full-time school psychologist, speech therapist, counsellor, or instructional aides with economical and personalized learning solutions that are proven to reduce behavioral incidents and student crises, decreasing the need for counselling hours and support services. The programs also fulfill speech and social emotional education requirements with no additional staffing or training.

curaJOY currently offers subscription-based programs for children aged 5-11 in Mandarin Chinese and English and are expanding their coverage to meet demand.

Originally developed as part of a US Department of Education and National Science Foundation Grant, curaJOY is committed to helping children achieve greater success by fostering social and emotional skills.

A spokesperson for the organization said: “Our programs are the ideal solution for schools and educators looking to implement social emotional learning to the curriculum. curaJOY gives students the tools they need thrive in school and in the world.”


Interested parties can find out more by visiting the organization’s website at

Caitlyn Wang

Caitlyn Wang

Caitlyn Wang is a global business leader who has, for more than 20 years, led marketing and product development teams in China, Taiwan, and the US to bring products from concept to market for companies like Harman, Acer, and Amazon. At Johns Hopkins University, Caitlyn’s work with gifted and neurodivergent children gave her an intimate look at how these challenges affect families and their wellness, but it’s her first-hand struggles parenting a mod-to-severe autistic child that motivated her to seek a root-cause solution for families like hers. She believes empowering children with the right EQ skill set is an investment in how society can create a generational shift in mindset and behavior. “We are changing the world, one child at a time,” says Caitlyn.


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