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We are a bunch of people who are EXCITED to help families function, feel and connect better.  This is such a critical issue, and there hasn’t been anyone focused on creating root-cause solutions, so we tend to move fast.  In your area of work, whether it’s social media, UX/UI design, expect to be checking in with your team and team leader every day.  All members of functional teams should be active contributors.  If your availability changes, please let us know.  There are other ways to help our mission.


Find Your Assignments

curaJOY is organized into teams by function. Software Engineering team’s tasks are on jira, and the core team’s project management tool is monday.com

Choose From Open Projects

There’s a lot of ways for you to help. Check out all the ways you can contribute here, and then just put yourself down in the implementor field if you want to help out on a project.



Please review your assignment, obtain any clarifications, and assess whether you can meet the originally set deadlines.  If NOT, that’s ok,  please put your proposed deadline in the assignment’s comment section.  We aim to progress reasonably across the organization and do meaningful work while maintaining a work/life balance. 

TIP: Most tasks have “Planned Efforts” indicated as the number of hours the work might take. If there is a big difference in the amount of work required, then that’s a sign of a possible misunderstanding of the scope. Make sure to clarify the scope before you start!



When the work involves people, communication can often make or break the project. Keep the statuses of your assignments updated on our project management tools. There may be other team members whose work depends on yours and would like to know your progress. Also, please keep task-related communication to the update section on our project management tools, so that you or whoever else contributes to the work can find details relevant to the assignment instead of searching aimlessly through Slack or Whatsapp conversation threads.

TIP: “Will this information, file, conversation be useful for this particular assignment in the future or help other understand the task?” If so, it’s something to put as updates in your task.



Upload or link the final deliverables to the assignment, and if possible and you tracked time spent, record the amount of time the task took.


We’re in this together. If you enjoyed or learned from the project, please take some time to highlight it here. We will happily feature your work on our social media and contact partners about your contributions.

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