How much do questers get paid?

Below is a chart of exactly how treasure chests are rewarded at the end of a quest.  MyCuraJOY’s payout rate is designed specifically to maximize motivation and facilitate behavior change.  It’s also important to note that MyCuraJOY doesn’t require 100% success for full treasure chest award qualification.  Perfectionism impedes long-term personal growth, and we value progress and effort towards the right direction in order to maximize our adventurer’s life potential.

  • 94 – 100% = full payment + onsite digital rewards
  • 87-93% success rate = 90% awarded to quester + 7% credit back to the funding ally 
  • 76-86% success rate = 80% awarded to quester + 17% credit back to the funding ally 
  • 65-75% success rate = 70% awarded to quester + 27% credit back to the funding ally 
  • 55-64% success rate = 35% awarded to quester + 62% credit back to the funding ally 
  • 54% and below = 0% awarded to quester + 97% credit back to the funding ally

*All unreleased treasure chest balances are kept in adventurers’ accounts for use on future quests or coaching services.

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