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  • “Confidential” Therapy

    “Confidential” Therapy

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  • 2024 Can Be A Year For Healing

    2024 Can Be A Year For Healing

    My 2024 started with morning cycling and an afternoon 5-mile hike with family. My dad is the one in the picture below. This is what 80 can look like. My father has traveled every continent and still adventures. My kids nicknamed my dad “cheetah grandpa”👴 for obvious reasons.  He is now semi-retired but still goes…

  • 4 Reasons for the Mental Healthcare “Workforce Shortage”

    4 Reasons for the Mental Healthcare “Workforce Shortage”

    I am really tired of articles about “workforce shortages” in mental health. The questions these articles pose, such as:“How do we increase the workforce?”And “Where are the mental health professionals?”imply that:1. This problem just happened randomly.2. It would be solved if mental health professionals showed up. Those are the wrong questions and the wrong conclusions.My…

  • 4 Steps to Creating Success

    4 Steps to Creating Success

    At a recent holiday gathering, a family member said his son “must go to one of the top 10 schools” to do well and have options in life. Like many well-meaning parents, this dad arranged a robust early reading and math instruction regimen, enrichment activities, and daily homework to build discipline. I was asked to…