Helping My Mom

A few months ago, my mom was very sick. Me, my dad, and my sister helped my mom feel better by giving her food and medicine while she was quarantining in her room. Every night and day we would call her and say “I miss you.” in the living room, and she would reply and say “I miss you to kids.”. My dad told me and my sister that “She will be ok in a few weeks.” I believed that my mom was ok and already feeling better everyday. Everyday we would always pick up food from restaurants that my mom liked. We would also ask close family members to get us groceries that my mom needed to help her feel better. Every single day me and my sister always thought about our mom. A few weeks later, she was all cured but when she stepped downstairs she had a mask on. “Why do you have a mask on, aren’t you all cured?” I asked my mom she replied and said “Just in case if I cough you two will be ok.” I smiled at her and gave her a hug.
The end.

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  1. Bianca Avatar

    That is very heartwarming.

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