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Millions of kids cannot get the social emotional and behavioral support they need. There is a shortage of providers, programs, and funding.  Behavioral healthcare professionals invest significant time and effort in becoming credentialed.   curaJOY helps you maximize your time and impact.   

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Burnout is real! It seems like everything keeps piling on, and providing behavioral services’s becoming harder and harder. Funding, documentation, and billing requirements are everchanging and ever-increasing. These moving administrative goalposts place enormous pressure on clinicians already working at or above capacity.


Do you find yourself answering the same questions over and over again? CuraJOY’s virtual coaches chat with families and provide immediate assistance so you can focus on where you’re really needed. Our solution connects kids with their parents, family, and friends and targets improved family dynamics. We are there to guide families and build rapport on your behalf when your staff cannot.​


Practice makes perfect! Let us prompt daily interactions and behavioral data collection seven days a week, so goals are met more quickly. With increased opportunities to work on skills via a curriculum created by licensed psychoeducational professionals, all families work in conjunction with you to achieve progress.​


Set yourself apart by providing meaningful support to your waitlisted families. Deliver understandable, plain-language support from qualified professionals in multiple languages. curaJOY’s virtual coaches come from different ethnicities and genders so that you can offer inclusive and culturally sensitive care.


Expedite insurance reimbursement and streamline your FBA process. Maximize billable time and slash non-billable work. Scheduling appointments, driving, report writing, revisions, assessment scoring, and report submission consume precious time that should be spent observing and analyzing. ​

curaJOY’s solution enables parents, clients, family members, educators, and other service providers to enter and share behavioral data within HIPAA and FERPA parameters while providing clinical decision-making assistance based on machine learning and established algorithms from prior studies from the University of Montreal. It might be hard to believe, but these algorithms have already been demonstrated to make more accurate predictions than BCBA-Ds! (That doesn’t remove the critical role humans play; it just means that we could be using intervention time more wisely and doing more good. This is an aid, not a replacement.) Dr. Marc Lanovaz, PhD, BCBA-D, is the leader in this research area. His app has provided camp counselors, teachers, and parents with advice and integration aids to reduce behavior challenges in children with disabilities in the summer camp setting. 

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How could treatment progress differently if parents started services with a working knowledge of the function of their child’s challenging behaviors and an emerging repertoire of function-based intervention techniques?

New, green BCBAs with less than five years of experience make up many supervisors and even clinical directors and still have a lot to learn about designing acceptable and effective interventions, completing FBAs and other assessments and documentation, parent coaching, providing supervision, and case conceptualization. In short, they need a lot of support, and many agencies cannot offer adequate support and training to their staff. Simply having the 4 capital letters isn’t enough to make a rockstar clinician. We want to help maximize your efficiency and know-how while helping you do the most for your clients without working harder. We can either fear the progression of technology or harness and embrace it to extend our reach and do more good work more easily, in less time, with less error. Sounds pretty good to this BCBA!

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Shorten The Intensity And Duration Of Services So You Can Help Even More Kids, Serve More Families​