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If you or someone in your family is struggling with mental health, and you don’t know where to go or who to turn to, try the comprehensive Quest Depot behavioral health program from curaJOY.

Long wait times, complicated insurance processes, and plain old shame are just some of the many reasons why people hesitate or downright refuse to get help for their mental health problems. Thankfully, curaJOY’s new online behavioral health and wellness program Quest Depot brings the help to you with no added fuss or strings attached!

The innovative program provides immediate access to personalized guidance and activities from licensed healthcare professionals. It utilizes an integrated therapy approach enhanced by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

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Due in large part to the pandemic, the global behavioral health and wellness industry is in a state of crisis. The behavioral healthcare workforce is experiencing an unprecedented shortage, and those who are working are suffering from burnout because of the increased demand for help. With Quest Depot, curaJOY is hoping to fill some of the gaps created by these workforce shortages and alleviate some of the stress placed on healthcare professionals.

Quest Depot is a one-stop platform for behavioral, emotional, and psychological help. The program connects you with virtual mentors via its app, social media, or text. It also has a range of content and resources available for you to use as needed. Both the mentors and the content and resources are accessible 24/7 and personalized to your specific situation.

Obviously, these specific situations vary greatly, and curaJOY has designed its platform to try and accommodate them all. With Quest Depot you can develop your emotional intelligence, receive timely guidance, implement and monitor habit changes, or improve your parenting. Quest Depot’s proven strategies also help build self-esteem, confidence, and coping mechanisms. And this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what Quest Depot offers!

curaJOY developed the Quest Depot program with significant input from experts in different therapy fields. “We hired a team of senior-level, licensed child psychologists, clinical psychologists, counselors, and board-certified behavior analysts to help create the therapeutic modules in Quest Depot,” said a spokesperson for the company.

Additionally, Quest Depot employs AI and ML to enhance the platform’s functionality. For the most part, these technologies are used to perform tasks usually completed by entry-level behavioral health workers, of which there are now fewer and fewer. These tasks include data collection, manual work, assessments, reporting, documentation, and analysis.

By using Quest Depot, you can get high-quality behavioral healthcare quicker and earlier, thereby improving your chances of achieving longer-lasting results. AI and ML also allow for reduced waiting times, more accurate data keeping, shorter lengths of care, the elimination of appointments, and multilingual accessibility.

Quest Depot is still in the development phase. However, the pilot program is now being tested at numerous behavior therapy agencies in Southern California, with intentions of rolling it out to school districts in the region and the UK later in the year. You can apply to become a pilot study participant by visiting the Quest Depot website.

About curaJOY

curaJOY is a non-profit organization that helps families raise emotionally healthy kids through digital programs in multiple languages. Their kid-centric, relationship-focused, interactive experiences aim to create lasting transformations for all families of all ages.

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My parents only cared about my grades. I think they may have been depressed while I was growing up. Definitely, no one practiced self-help techniques or knew about them in my family.

I am glad that I got help. Behavior therapy was like having a second teacher that goes to your house, only they don’t teach math. They teach you coping skills. Coping skills are methods used to calm yourself down in stressful situations. I learned coping skills very easily, as coping

I have always been very anxious. I don’t know where it started, but from a young age, I wanted to control/make sure that everything in my life would be alright. This has caused me to have anxiety attacks where my heart rate can go up to 170 bpm. During that

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