Different Types of Intelligence

IQ testing might be the first thing to pop up in your mind when you hear the word “intelligence.” However, IQ testing is a deterministic way to conduct standardized testing, which only measures a certain type of intelligence.

Over the years, on the basis of the theory by psychologist Howard Gardner, different views about intelligence have come about. This theory suggests that there are at least eight different types of intelligence that measure a range of abilities. According to this theory, one person may be strong in different types of intelligence, while being weak in what we call our conventional means of defining intelligence. Here are a few of the different types of intelligence.

Visual-Spatial Intelligence

Children with this type of intelligence are better able to learn and understand through visualization. It can prove a child’s capacity to think in three dimensions; spatial reasoning, mental imagery, image manipulation, and more. People with spatial intelligence solving spatial problems such as painting, reading maps, interpreting mazes, or playing construction games. They’re able to easily recognize patterns, enjoy visual arts, and are good at spatial judgment. Most architects, artists, sailors, and engineers have visual-spatial intelligence. The best way to teach young visual-spatial learners is by encouraging visual thinking, use multiple means of media such as videos, games, flashcards, and more.

Intrapersonal Intelligence

Intrapersonal intelligence is possessed by those who are able to understand and recognize their own emotional states, feelings, and motivation. These children are likely to work on their own, set their own goals, and know their strengths and weaknesses better than others. They are self-aware, enjoy critical analysis, and are able to assess their personal strengths. Those who possess intrapersonal intelligence may be interested in psychology, philosophy, writing, and science careers. The best way to teach such children is to encourage independent research, encourage them to write and sign up for writing competitions, and let them work independently.

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Analytical Intelligence

Children with this intelligence are able to solve mysteries, puzzles, enjoy brain teasers and logic exercises. Problem-solving skills are related to non-verbal intelligence—children with analytical intelligence are able to solve a certain problem before they even verbalize it. They’re good at recognizing patterns, can logically solve and analyze problems, and tend to think conceptually. They may enjoy playing strategy games, doing calculations, and can thrive best with game-based learning activities. Possible career choices can include engineering, accountancy, computer program, or even a scientist.

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