curaJOY taps into the power of partnerships and volunteerism for its new, innovative educational programs for developing emotional intelligence and social skills.

On a mission to provide personalized, available, and effective emotional wellness support for all families, curaJOY convenes top educators, psychologists and technologists to create an evidence-based program to help families regulate their emotions, overcome setbacks, and establish emotional resilience. The new program was developed for children aged 7-18 and their parents, and incorporates AI-driven algorithms and gamification to create a curriculum that is tailored to the individual needs of each family.

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curaJOY was founded by Caitlyn Wang, a mother, business leader and psychoeducational expert, and was driven by her passion to develop effective tools for social-emotional learning in youth. She believes that by helping children improve their communication skills, develop empathy, and find balance in their lives, the organization can contribute to creating a new generation of successful adults.

“We are changing the world, one child at a time,” says Wang.

The isolation and stress brought by the recent pandemic have caused the mental health of both parents and children worldwide to worsen drastically. curaJOY’s interactive, scalable solution helps families by giving them an encouraging, gamified setting for working on their communication, coping skills, and self-confidence. Unlike the standard social-emotional learning programs, which take an instructional approach and are limited in their efficiency due to the lack of real-life practice, curaJOY’s interactive learning platform prioritizes real-life practice, personalization and family participation.

Since November 2021, the organization has attracted over 200 college-educated volunteer applications, and currently has almost 100 volunteers from 16 countries, with 45% holding advanced graduate degrees. curaJOY provides its team members with cutting-edge technologies, software tools, and resources that can aid their professional development.

A company spokesperson said, “Our high-skilled, engaged volunteer workforce represents one of curaJOY’s most powerful resources. curaJOY’s diverse leadership is dedicated to cultivating relationships and building alliances. Organizations interested in research collaborators or technical partnerships are encouraged to get in touch with our team.”

About curaJOY

curaJOY is a non-profit organization based in Las Vegas that aims to help adults and children thrive socially and emotionally. The company’s team includes educators, psychologists, and parents from around the world.

For information about curaJOY and its programs, visit

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My parents only cared about my grades. I think they may have been depressed while I was growing up. Definitely, no one practiced self-help techniques or knew about them in my family.

I am glad that I got help. Behavior therapy was like having a second teacher that goes to your house, only they don’t teach math. They teach you coping skills. Coping skills are methods used to calm yourself down in stressful situations. I learned coping skills very easily, as coping

I have always been very anxious. I don’t know where it started, but from a young age, I wanted to control/make sure that everything in my life would be alright. This has caused me to have anxiety attacks where my heart rate can go up to 170 bpm. During that

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