Perspective-Taking To a Happier You (and Those Around You)

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Do you ever notice that your kid, cat, dog, or parrot doesn’t want to play with the expensive toys you bought especially for them but prefers commonplace objects that you use daily, like your laptop, cell phone, or report printout? (My kids and pets have killed many keyboards, laptops and phones.) Children learn more from […]

The Required Expertise and Tough Grind of Foundation Building

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My first assignment in a management role was not to negotiate but to announce a price list with a blanket 30% price hike and then demand increased order commitments from a room full of white men in their 40s and 50s representing national dealers and international distributors. I was in my 20s, scared, and felt […]

Your first followers and biggest fans


Several friends around me vow never to have kids because they know how much bad parenting can hurt from personal experience and don’t want to wield the power of “ruining my kids’ lives.”  I see parenthood as the easiest way to experience unconditional love and a second chance at healing wounds from your childhood.  How […]

Learning Differences In Asian Students

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Studies have shown that learning differences are as common among Asians as they are among other countries. Between 5% and 9% of the general population is impacted while approximately 6.3% of Chinese children live with ADHD, nearly 1% live with autism, and 11.32% of Indians, 26.2% of Indonesian, 2.49% of Pakistani, and 7.7% of Japanese children live with ADHD. […]

Who can benefit from behavior therapy?

Dr. Ron van Houten noticed that pedestrian fatalities in his community were out of control. He was determined to find a solution so that children could safely cross the street. His research demonstrated a few sources of the problem: drivers were speeding, failing to yield, and stopping too closely to the crosswalks. It was evident […]

How to say “no”, stick to it, and avoid power struggles

Growing up requires us to learn how to tolerate disappointments in life, but many parents feel responsible for shielding their children from experiences they consider too upsetting. You may feel guilt, embarrassment, pain or discomfort, shame, or other negative emotions if you know that you are the reason your child is now whining, crying, yelling, […]