curaJOY Organizes Global Emotional Wellness Directory For Underserved Communities

curaJOY launches a free emotional wellness directory that gives marginalized communities access to global mental health providers and evidence-based methods. Nonprofit developer of the family emotional wellness platform Quest Depot, curaJOY, is launching its global emotional wellness directory, ensuring that Asian Pacific Islander, multicultural, cross-cultural, and third-world adults and children have access to inclusive and effective health care that caters to their specific needs. More details can be found at curaJOY’s newly launched directory aligns with the company’s vision to drive greater advocacy, acceptance, and innovation of emotional wellness programs for families across different cultures. The nonprofit investigates barriers to care for families with children and adolescents in emotional distress. The most frequently reported obstacles include limited financial resources, time constraints, cultural stigma, language barriers, lack of family support, and insufficient parental awareness of mental health and developmental issues. According to the latest research, Asian Pacific Islander adults are …

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Why can’t everybody just be more like me?

I recently just finally got to watching the Galaxy of the Guardian series with my daughters. And one of them asks why the character Ego wants to destroy everything and make plans after himself.  As parents, we often have to answer difficult questions on the spot.  I said, “Haven’t we all gone through moments where we think–if everyone in the world were more like me, life would be so much easier?” In psychological terms,  this is called the theory of mind and refers to the ability to acknowledge different perspectives and know that your mindset might not be shared by those around you—and doesn’t need to be.  Theory of mind is an innate potential ability people may reach, to different effectiveness, over time by observing others and testing out their social assumptions.  This is a situation where variety IS really the spice of life, and exposure to different perspectives improves …

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Write The Soundtrack of Your Life

When you’re sad, mad, frustrated…, it can be hard to tell what will make you feel better. Maybe you want someone who will just listen without being too nosy, or you might tell yourself distractions like ice cream or TV will soothe, but sometimes, what we really need is time alone to write. This article gives you some tips on how to use writing as a self-care tool. Throughout my life, I have often used writing as a tool to work through difficulties, make better decisions, and express myself more fully and honestly than I could talking in person. Shrek was right! People are like onions, covered under layers of expectations, fears, past traumas, pretenses… The act of writing thoughts down is beneficial for a few reasons beyond just getting our thoughts out. When we write our thoughts and feelings down on paper, it gives us a chance to pause …

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Shining Moments Writing Contest Winner Announced

Congratulations to Colin Witkowskic, who is the winner of our Spring Shining Moments Writing Contest. We’ve been trying to reach you to regarding your winner’s prize, but your schools email account has been rejecting external emails. Please get in touch with us or ask a parent to email us at so we can deliver your $100! 

A person in need

A few months ago, I was consoling a friend who had recently lost all her companions, been shunned out of school, and had rumors spread about them for just being themselves. Since COVID-19 quarantine was still going on, we could only communicate through text. She was thinking of suicide and I was just there, peppering her with reasons why she shouldn’t go, constantly spamming her phone until she would text back to reassure me this was okay. I felt her pain through the blue screen, though I couldn’t hear her sobs. After an hour, she gradually calmed down. After my mother had brought up her website’s new contest, Shining Moments, I decided to enter this story in with her permission.

We want to hear from you

Here’s your chance to make your voice heard in education and family wellness. curaJOY is a 501(c)3 non-profit that leverages cutting-edge technologies like AI/Machine Learning, 3D animation, and proven behavioral health practices to create root-cause solutions to improve families’ emotional wellness and healthcare equity. We partner with the brightest minds–psychologists, educators, parents, and youths–worldwide to develop scalable, inclusive programs that promote better family dynamics, personal growth, and authentic real-life connections. If you share a passion for our mission or have lived through the problems we’re trying to solve–we want to partner with you! curaJOY is hosting an informal focus group in-person at our Carlsbad, CA location and virtually through January 1, 2023, for the following purposes: We will select a few to be included in our corporate social impact videos either as is or in separate future production, which will be distributed on social media, news outlets and philanthropic organizations. …

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How to get your kids to……
Motivate Your Kids to Get Things Done

“Put the dishes away when you’re done.”             “Don’t take your sister’s toys without asking her first.” How often do you feel like a broken record?  Between after school activities, homework, video games, soccer practice, and just keeping up with life, getting your kids to do what they’re supposed to do sometimes feel herculean and impossible.  You ask nicely, repeatedly, and nobody does anything until you Jekyll and Hyde into the yelling, mean parent! Wouldn’t it be nice if you could motivate your kids and get them to do as you say? Unfortunately, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all formula for motivating your children.  What works for one may backfires and turn another into an oppositional defiant beast!   As parents, it’s easy to fall into the trap of wanting to be your children’s friend, wanting them to like you, but they depend on you as their first and most important teacher, guide, …

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Motivate Your Kids to Get Things Done
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Diagnosis Later in Life

Part 1 My name is Caitlin, and I’m the program director at curaJOY. I was also diagnosed with ADHD and a mood disorder at age 31, after 15 years of misdiagnosis and a lifetime of feeling somehow “behind glass” in social situations. This post will be part of a series on under- and late-diagnosis in women and girls. This is the beginning of my story. For me and thousands of other women and girls, we slipped through the cracks because we didn’t fit into the existing framework of autism or ADHD or learning differences. “Those are for boys!” (Spoiler alert: they are not just for boys. Girls are encouraged to blend in and cooperate, and subsequently develop the double-edged sword of a skill known as “masking”, or attempting to behave in “typical” ways. Masking is exhausting and harmful to neurodivergent folks, but some level is necessary for survival.) There are …

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Be the Change You Want to See–Through Volunteering

Last week, I wrote about our volunteer-based product experience team working furiously on our MVP.  Some of them are putting in as much as 20 hours a week! We are grateful for any donation of time, expertise, money and products. When I founded curaJOY and started ideating a digital program, friends questioned why I’d give up the clear potential profit and operate as a nonprofit.   I don’t have a short answer or proof that nonprofit tech is the “best” way for curaJOY to grow. If you only have a week to live, what would you care about?  At the core of life are your values, relationships, and experiences.  I have been a lifelong volunteer. My success or income doesn’t preclude me from being a foster parent to over 20 feral kittens, pregnant cats, and 5 misbehaving, screaming, biting abandoned parrots. It was a lot of stinky, dirty and at …

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Feel. Think. Reflect. Don’t “Seal” Your Fate

I took my daughters along the Southern California coastline over the weekend and had the good fortune of observing newborn seals and two mother seals in labor up close. In one beach alcove, around 50 seals swam, lounged about, and nursed their young comfortably in the safety of numbers and natural environmental barriers.  Every year, that portion of the beach was blocked off from the public for baby season.  Even though we wanted to get much closer to the baby seals, we understood why they needed their space. “It is vitally important that we do not interrupt the bond being formed between a mother seal and her pup. The mother often leaves her pup on the shore while she goes off to feed and if she senses danger there is a strong chance that she will not return,” said Ashley Stokes, manager of Seacoast Science Center Marine Mammal Rescue.  But …

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Critical Skill for Balance in Life

Self-discipline, delayed gratification, and impulse control are some of the terms often used interchangeably, and all crucial to long-term success. One of the main benefits of self-discipline is the ability to look past instant gratification and pleasure in order to see and strive for greater results — even those which require significant effort. The sooner children start exercising self-discipline, the sooner they start reaping its benefits while simultaneously learning that the payoffs are worth it. It’s a positive cycle that will continue to create success throughout their lives. While sticking with goals is not always easy, self-discipline spurs critical follow-through when difficulties arise along the way. Life is full of challenges, and self-discipline can mean the difference between persevering and giving up. There are other benefits, too. Every time we set a goal and reach it, we grow in self-esteem, confidence, satisfaction, and happiness. Steve Jobs, the visionary behind Apple, …

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Empathy Helps Relationships and Careers

Research shows that strong empathy in children equates to less bullying, aggressive behavior, and emotional disorders, and to better relationships, communication skills, classroom engagement, and success in school. Another study finds that teenagers’ ability to experience and express empathy changes and can continue to develop during this important yet often turbulent life stage. Parents can prepare their children for the pressures of adolescence by strengthening their empathy skills. curaJOY develops children’s and teens’ empathy skills in realistic and fun formats that are scientifically proven and provide ample opportunities for children to rehearse and apply their newfound skills on their virtual quests. The benefits of empathy extend throughout children’s lives into adulthood. Empathy contributes to strong and satisfying personal relationships, including marriages. It can create more success at work, as careers involve relating to and understanding other people such as bosses, colleagues, customers, and clients. Beyond relating, it helps with conflict …

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Who doesn’t procrastinate?

I am too busy. I am too tired. I don’t have the energy. I am too scared. I don’t know where to start. These are the most common excuses people use when they procrastinate—delay doing what they need to do. How many of these have you personally used? According to the American Psychological Association, almost 80% of the people surveyed admit to lying to themselves about the reasons they put off doing things. So, who doesn’t procrastinate?    The short answer is–nobody.  You’re human, and nobody is productive 100% of the time. But some people have allowed procrastination to thoroughly pervade their lives so much that they don’t realize how much of this non-renewable resource they’re losing.  Whatever kind of future, lifestyle, quest you seek, you need time to achieve mastery and time to make it stick.    Procrastination is often confused with laziness or plain lack of self-discipline. The truth …

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