A discovery of anxiety

The concept of anxiety did not exist around me growing up. Yet, anxiety has been my biggest struggle in life and life at school did not make it better. The biggest problem is that not understanding what anxiety was made it even worse. We fear what we do not understand. I frantically trawled the internet for months trying to find my way out of this maze and slowly found what I was going through. I tried all the solutions. At first, I tried meditating, but it didn’t make it easier. It takes time for those techniques to work. It takes time for new habits to form and give your mind time, discipline, and concentration. I now have therapy that has immensely help me work through issues. Maybe if I had done this earlier, it would have been better. Resources like MyCuraJOY would be very valuable for everyone to talk about their emotions, problems, and learn how to improve and thrive.

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